Implosive Disgorgence - South FL's Saddest Death Metal Band.

Dec 16, 2013

If your from south Florida and have had your ear to the local metal, hardcore, etc music scene, then you've probably heard of Implosive Disgorgence, who's core line up have technically been around almost a decade. Sure, there were some member changes early on in this bands history, but no one imagined you might need to be able to remember songs and play instruments to be in a deathgrind band. Some still get away without, so honest mistake there.

In 2005, the group recorded their break-out material responsible for most of their attention, the 'Chapters' recording. 5 songs, totalling 6 minutes all together, and they have been sad ever since. The songs were so wildly popular that the band was more or less forced to play them exclusively in their live show, severly limiting their set time and in turn, their chance for larger exposure.

Then a few years later, Nick Augusto joined Trivium and started playing blast beats in their songs, secretly, in private. He was not sad he was glad.

In 2012, the group landed a golden opportunity to grab a spot on an exclusive one night only Pig Destroyer show in Miami. Having not played together in some time, the ID boys gathered themselves together, shook off the cob webs of boring modern day american life, wrote new material, and polished their set for what would be one of their biggest shows. Unfortunately, the band was not suprised when they were yelled at all through out their set to "play Chapter 2 again", by a sea of their loyal fans. Matt can barely hold back his tears in this shot.

Guitar player Jeff Stevenson is notorious for not being able to withhold his tears, and reguarly cries while playing their songs at the same time, a truely tragic gift for a death metal musiciain. A little known fact is that the definition of the bands name is to describe a violent interal discharge of bodily fluids, presumabely vomit, however it was revealed years later to be tear drops all along..

That night in Miami, after what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality was only 16 minutes, their set was finished, in record time. Some members of the group were escorted home after without even being allowed to watch Pig Destroyer. Other former members lamented about how they 'started the band' to anyone who would listen, and the remaining members were left reflecting on what to do next. Some say the down fall of the group was their bass player cutting his hair and refusing to play with a noise supressor pedal, other's blame it on Publix and their shopping being such a pleasure, former members even try to insite racial tensions amongst them. Maybe, try playing Chapter 2 again, faster.. Or whatever.. sad-slams and brutal jams, keep your chin up fellas... there might be a colab with Little Pain in your future.

Check out Implosive Disgorgence on facebook and send them your warmest regards or death threats.">